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Doesn’t work with IOS 11

Game needs to be updated

Great game, needs tweaking

It's like playing an old, but yet new, gameboy game. Very cool throwback. That said the proximity to enemies kills needs work--you'll die when you don't touch them. In a weird way the quirks that need fixing almost remind me even more of the retro carts...


One of the best games I've ever place but filly hard

Brilliant Game

This game captures the look and feel of a 1990's Game Boy platformer. It's programmed very well with controls that are consistent and easy to learn. The levels look pretty simple, but are quite difficult as they progress. The time stars are a real challenge! Amazing work overall. I've put hours into this game and enjoyed it for over 2 years at this point. Woot!


I love this game. It reminds me of when I was young & warms my heart with the great music & nostalgic graphics.

Really fun game

The game is great. The graphics are awesome and I like how it recreates the gameplay of the Game Boy.

Do not get this game

I absolutely hate this game. All it does is get me very mad, to the point where i want to hurt or break stuff. I will give the developers credit for designing an old school style 8 bit game but it is just too frustrating. Tis will be two dollars of your money that you should send on better games. DONT GET THIS GAME.

60beat controller!

Make this game and all your other game compatible with the 60beat controller then it'll be a 5 star game!

Perfect old school platformer.

Very smart, reflex (and patience) based platformer. Demand for timing and precision ramps up quickly as the levels/worlds progress, which keeps gameplay exciting. As a bonus, the four ways of beating each level (coins, dash, flip, key) give each of the short levels multiple and distinct feels. Very smart indeed. A star off for minor bugs (ie, you can use flip from a previous level on a later level without earning it; sometimes entering later levels requires an exit and enter again to get the right one), but all around a killer platformer that gets hard. Lamers will hate this game.

reccomend this

I would reccomend this game to anyone who likes that old-school platformer feel.

Get it.

This Mae is just Ike Mario, although I think it is even better. Great controls and great gameplay. Worth every penny.

the last update?

wish you can move the openfeint logo on the icon.

Good Idea; Subpar Execution

The hit detection is weird and the timing requires too much precision for a touchscreen game. Everything else is pretty cool, but the gaming mechanics kinda ruin it.


looking for a fun casual platformer that ramps up in difficulty? This isn't it. You get like 2 warmup levels then the game becomes impossible Would have been nice to enjoy the cool graphics a little longer before racing against the 20 second timer to make endless chains of pixel perfect jumps

Is the greatest

After playing this game for a few days, I still have no idea what flip mode is but Busta Rhymes seems to endorse it so I'm very much interested.

Fantastic Platformer

Having downloaded hundreds of apps on the iPhone, I can say with great confidence that this is among the best of them. As for its specific genre, few games on the device offer the same thrill, excitement, and precision of control. I implore all tentative buyers to take the plunge and buy this hidden gem.


Please add a mega difficulty mode with more enemies and traps! And fix the achievements. I've gotten all 13 but openfeint only lists 3/13.

Lots of fun, nails the retro vibe

Fans of punishing (but addictive) oldschool games will be right at home, if you ever had a gameboy you need to buy this now. A great reminder of gaming's past, and still a lot if fun to play as it ever was!

Breaks too many rules

It's a solid platformer with a ton of levels and great gameplay, but it just feels like it breaks too many fundamental rules of platformer design. Only certain enemies will give you a bounce off their heads, it's not indicated in any way by their sprite. Too many jumps are pixel perfect even at the beginning of the game. The secret areas holding the temple keys are completely invisible walls with not even a subtle clue as to where they are. Your best bet at finding keys is running into every wall on the level. This just makes it feel like padding. On top of the already padded out star collection system, the game winds up feeling like nothing but filler unless you're a completionist. Mario did just fine without time stars, because a gradual difficulty curve made you feel rewarded when you beat a castle. No such similarity here.

Great game

Easily one of the best platformers out there. Controls are tight.

Needs another update

I was excited to see an update, but the controls are still broken on the iControlPad on iCade mode. Please update and swap out the pause/start button and the jump button. Right now Start jumps and the B button pauses the game it should be the opposite. I played through the first set of levels but stopped there until the controls are fixed.

Great game -I have some advice...

Great Game! Really enjoy playing it. I have two suggestions. 1- make the main character a color or give him some kind of costume 2- It seems a bit like Mario. Maybe you could incorporate some kind of unique control system into the game to make it a little different Fantastic Job.


All around quality. Worth the money and any age can pretty much figure out how to play it. Difficult enough with tons of levels. Hopefully they will make more levels eventually !

Another great release!

I now own all 3 current OrangePixel games and love each of them! Very well thought out design, which really feels like an old Gameboy game. I'm extremely happy this developer is supporting the iCade in each of their releases. More developers need to start doing so!

Super Mario Bros.

This game reminds me of the original Super Mario Bros. and mario is my favorite game series


Good o' retro fun

Love it! A Must Buy!

Controls are easy, game is addictive and the levels are hard enough to keep you playing. Instant favorite for me!

Great Game

Addicting and fun. Brings back a retro feeling. Its like a black and white mario but better. A must have for all. P.S. Its hard as nails


Orange Pixel FINALLY got it right. I don't know why it took so long for a retro, "Mario" style platformer to get here, but here it is. My only complaint, and it is a small one, is that it would be nice to be able to rearrange the buttons. I have big hands and sometimes I end up missing the buttons I need to hit. My second complaint, is that I already want more!


U gotta b kidding me? Am I the only one who bought this game?! Oh well! The game is retro greatness. Like the company commented on- pretty much a spitting image of Mario Bros. Still very creative though. The controls aren't bad at all. The handling is actually perfect. Very easy to play yet still challenging. Replay value us very high in my opinion. A few more levels down the road couldn't hurt. My only suggestion would b (and I'm sure it sounds odd) to give the app icon alittle more flavor. Sad to say we live in a world where packaging is a big part of what sells & I know I'm one of those sad people that %50 of the time judges a book by the cover. A cool artist rendition for the icon could boost interest for the onlookers. Worth a shot,right? Good game though! Keep it up! 

Beautiful game

Love the retro, controls are easy, everything is right on. Instant favorite.

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